Eric Sleeps w/ Apes, 90 Day Fiance Tourettes Heredity and We Open the Song Vault!

It's Episode Sixty of The Mockers Podcast and Eric is delivered a severe case of Ape Awake Apnea (4:00) Was it caused by the ever increasing amount of trailers that we are subjected to? (10:00) Did Al Friend Eater get his egg mcmuffin and make it to the movie on time? (12:00) The boys travel down Reality Avenue and find the truth about Tourettes heredity (18:00) Eric is quizzed about mid-to- late 80's baseball players (30:00) With trusted correspondent Jamie HS off for a day of water park fun, The Mockers Sound Vault is re-opened and "Gettin' Claustrophobic" is introduced to the world (38:00) The Mockers Podcast is proud to be a part of the Poop Culture Extended Universe even if it should be called the Poop Culture Expanded Universe. Please check out The Poop Culture Podcast, The Beaucephus Broadcast and The Boondoggle after you are finished listening to our show. Thanks for checking us out!

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