Flashback to Music 1989 on the 80’s Utopia Island Ft. Marc James of Poop Culture

It's a very special Episode Sixty-Two of The Mockers Podcast as Eric and Andy are joined by Jamie HS and special guest Marc James. It's all part of Crossover Week for the Poop Culture Extended Universe as each podcast takes a trip to Utopia Island to discuss the happenings of The Summer of 1989. Our assignment was music and we discuss Marc's Bolton heavy Spotify playlist (4:00) We pick our favorite Batman actors and Eric makes a controversial choice (8:00) We learn about Mr. Big and Faith No More! (12:00) Nirvana's debut album, "Bleach" debuts in 1989 (16:00) The Tom Petty/Axl Rose duet is lit (19:00) Maybe Milli Vanilli shouldn't have had to return their Grammy (22:00) Which member of the crew has been to a Slayer concert? (26:00) Beastie Boys and Alice Cooper (29:00) Warrant and Skid Row (32:00) B-52's and Stevie Ray Vaughan (34:00) Diana Ross and Grace Jones (36:00) Eric shares an important academic tip (38:00) Marc gives his take on Jamie's Blues Traveler Mockumendation (40:00) Is Eric's daughter ready to date a rock star? (47:00) Please visit poopculture.com and check out all the other great podcasts that are part of the PCEU! Also check out smyrx.net for some really cool and original t-shirt designs and use the code 'PCEU' for some savings! Thanks for listening!

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