Jerry Lewis Eclipses Nothing, Annabelle is bunk & The Golden Days of Cheaters w/ Tommy Grand

It's Episode Sixty-Five of The Mockers Podcast and the boys begin by bantering about the solar eclipse (2:00) Eric is saddened by the death of comic legend Jerry Lewis (5:00) A special group of movie-goers checks out 'Annabelle: Creation' with Eric (8:00) Box Office Bonanza!!! (14:00) The first ever Mocker Good Deed of the Week Award is issued (18:00) How many top ten college football teams can Jamie and Eric name? (21:00) The Mockumendations pit Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'In Step' vs. the 1966 Buffalo Springfield debut album and a knockout victory is scored (25:00) Tommy Grand talk!! (34:00)

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