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May 26th, 2018    

Valley Central Budget

Eric discusses the proposed Valley Central Budget.  Shoots from the hip during an early morning session and lays out his vision for the budget.




May 24th, 2018    

‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ vs. Courtney Marie Andrews, ‘May Your Kindness Remain’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Three of The Mockers Podcast. Eric turns up the heat on his lawn (2:00) The Ambassadors of Compassion come through (8:00) The Sports Questions of the Week make a triumphant return (10:00) It's a dynamic week of Mockumendations as Eric offers up the Kevin Hart BET comedy series, 'The Real Husbands of Hollywood', while Andy counters with the old-school, AM Gold musical stylings of Courtney Marie Andrews' 2018 album, 'May Your Kindness Remain' (15:00)

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May 17th, 2018    

Dawes, ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ vs. ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Two of The Mockers Podcast! The boys begin by issuing the Lawncare Minute update (2:00) Andy helps an old friend and learns about becoming an Ambassador of Compassion (5:00) Are all of Jamie's favorite bands calling it quits? (12:00) Eric delivers a big KISS update (15:00) Did Andy finally check out Deadpool? (18:00) This week's Mockumendation battle features Jamie's selection of folk-rock band Dawes' fifth studio album, 'We're All Gonna Die' (22:00) Eric counters with the Netflix zombie comedy/horror series, 'Santa Clarita Diet' (28;00)

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May 10th, 2018    

KISS, ‘Animalize’ vs. The Doors, ‘Waiting For The Sun’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and One of The Mockers Podcast! Andy and Eric head to the LA Guns concert while Jamie sits on his porch drinking a beer (2:00) Lawncare Minute Update! (9:00) Eric surprisingly drives to the very loud rock'n'roll show in Poughkeepsie (12:00) Thanks to Board Game Bento for supplying The Mockers Podcast with three great games with their monthly box. Subscribe and receive your own games by visiting (15:00) Judge Jamie Mocker presides in this week's Mockumendation Trial as Eric offers up the 1984 KISS record, 'Animalize' (18:00) Defending champ Andy goes back to his musical past for the third studio record from The Doors, 'Waiting For The Sun' (20:00) Thanks to @metallychllnged for his comprehensive review of the KISS record (22:00) Remember you can leave your review of one of our Mockumendations or leave a Mockumendation of your own @mockerspodcast...thanks for listening!



May 1st, 2018    

Andre the Giant vs. Deadliest Catch

Welcome to a not very special Episode One Hundred of The Mockers Podcast! Was it appropriate for Eric to buy a winter cap in the springtime? (3:00) Did the new Avengers movie live up to the expectations or did it leave them in ash? (10:00) It's a rollicking Mockumendation Match-Up as reality stalwart 'The Deadliest Catch' (26:00) challenges recent documentary 'Andre the Giant' (30:00) Special thanks to loyal listener @HollywoodIC for his review of Andre (44:00)

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April 24th, 2018    

‘Harlem Nights’ vs. ELO, ‘A New World Record’ vs. ‘Stranger in the Night’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Nine of The Mockers Podcast! Andy travels to Massachusetts for a Jeff Rosenstock concert (2:00) The first tally on the Lawncare Minute Scoreboard has been registered (10:00) Eric takes in 'The Quiet Place' and doesn't agree with the critical plaudits the film has been receiving (14:00) Eddie Murphy's 1989 'Harlem Nights' is discussed and we thank D.J. from the Just-In-Time with the J & T Baggers Podcast for his guest mockumendation (23:00) We also thank @julianlytle for his guest review (29:00) and please give him a follow in the twitterverse. We finally give Alex Boondoggle's ELO, 'A New World Record' mockumendation the time that it richly deserves (44:00) Indie Corner returns with a look at Aaron Parpart's 'Stranger in the Night' (50:00)

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April 17th, 2018    

‘Hush’ vs. Dorothy, ‘28 Days In The Valley’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Eight of The Mockers Podcast! Jamie and Eric prepare for Rick Mancrush's surprise 40th Birthday party (2:00) The Lawncare Minute returns with a preview of who is going to mow Eric's yard this season (6:00) The Mockers return to the movies to take in 'Ready Player One' (12:00) We take a trip down Reality Avenue to check in on the Jersey Shore reunion (22:00) The Mockumendations take on a different format as Andy tries the case for Blumhouse horror movie, 'Hush' (30:00) Meanwhile, Eric represents rock'n'roll band Dorothy and their second record, '28 Days in the Valley' (40:00)

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April 7th, 2018    

L.A. Guns, ‘Hollywood Vampires’ vs. Parker Millsap, ‘The Very Last Day’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Seven of The Mockers Podcast! The boys talk about the start of the Mets season and plan their Minor League Baseball Tour Checklist (2:00) It was an all-music battle in this week's Mockumendations as Jamie offered up the Babyface Assassin of Acoustic Country Twang, Parker Millsap and his 2016 record, 'The Very Last Day' (11:00) Eric countered with some sleazy-ass rock'n'roll courtesy of L.A. Guns and their 1991 album, 'Hollywood Vampires' (21:00) Andy continues to be salty about Jamie's Mockumendation decision from last week (32:00) Eric is mad at Jack White yet again (38:00) What will this week's Mockumendations be? (40:00) Thanks for listening and please subscribe if you enjoyed what you heard!


March 31st, 2018    

‘Flatliners’ (1990) vs. Neil Young ‘Comes A Time’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Six of The Mockers Podcast! The boys check in on the Mets prospects for the upcoming season as Jamie travels to Citi Field for opening day (2:00) Another opinion of Epcot's fish'n'chips (9:00) The original 'Flatliners' is Eric's Mockumendation selection (11:00) Eric had some problems with his furniture movers (25:00) Neil Young's 'Comes A Time' is taken to task by Jamie (29:00) A change in Craigslist policy upsets a friend of the podcast (33:00)

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March 24th, 2018    

‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ vs. Whiskey Myers ‘Mud’ vs. Jamie’s Florida Stories

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Five of The Mockers Podcast! Jamie is back from Florida and has a satchel of stories to tell (2:00) From pastry deliveries to the Bay Hill putting greens, Jamie took over the Sunshine State! Eric orders up a taste of the future at McDonald's (30:00) It took 36 seasons but Andy finally watched an episode of Survivor thanks to Eric's Mockumendation (37:00) Meanwhile, Jamie offers up another plate of Re-fried Texas Rock with Whiskey Myers', 'Mud' (43:00)

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