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November 22nd, 2018    

Mocker Music Musings

     Hello Loyal Mockers…been a while since I have issued any Music Musings and with the year quickly winding down I have been rocking a 2018 New Release Random this week. Thanks to my brother Eric’s Google Music Service I am able to listen to pretty much anything--a far cry from the days when I had to spend real money on an album. An unfortunate side effect of this music buffet is that I stuff my plate but am never able to finish anything--meaning I don’t digest a record because there isn’t enough time with so much to listen to. There are albums in this 999 song random that I haven’t  heard and I only recognize about three quarters of the songs that come up (makes me mad when I can’t identify an artist)…anyway, let’s grab a beverage and play some old school Chorus Game with a mediocre class of 2018 music…

The Rock*A*Teens (Count in Odd Numbers) | Random starts with a nice slab of rock’n’roll from these Cabbagetown, Georgia indie rockers…singer sounds like the Hold Steady guy…

Walter Martin (Colorado Lonesome) | Early year release that features some quirky lyrics and a few really strong offerings…this one, eh, not so much…this definitely is more indie rock sounding than the nitty gritty rock’n’roll of The Rock*A*Teens…Why would you name your band something that is so difficult to type? The Rock*A*Teens might have started as a band members internet password

The Dodos (Excess) | Fuck, fuck, fuck…my first mis-identification is a bad, bad miss…I prematurely guessed psych rockers Oh Sees but this is not even close (I am sure a lot of you are having a good chuckle at me mixing up the Dodos and Oh Sees-what kind of idiot am I?)…this band used to be a purely acoustic affair with a kick ass drummer but this record tries to expand the sound with minimal results

Bradley Cooper (Alibi) | COOOOOOOOOOPPPPPP!!

Jason Isbell (Cover Me Up) | This live record has been leaving me a little flat as it doesn’t seem to replicate the actual kick-ass live Isbell experience…listen closely and you can hear podcast friend The Fiddler issue a ‘shhhh’ during the quiet part of the chorus…

Ty Segall (Fanny Dog) | This prolific garage rocker released a couple records this year and is always welcome to the stage…solid guitarmanship…

Neko Case (Oracle of the Maritimes) | Long time indie chanteuse returns with one of her best records—not a bad song in the batch…definitely placed this in my Mockumendation holster before Jamie ruined our long running podcast segment with his ‘Yellowstone’ selection back in Episode One Hundred and Twelve…

River Whyless (Motel 6) | Not to be confused with Jason Isbell’s ‘Super Eight’…this is another band placed under Mocksideration as their indie-folk stylings are instantly accessible…

First Aid Kit (I’ve Wanted You) | This is from the EP they released after their early-year full length…looks like the random has started The Indie Folk Block sponsored by Johnson City Bubble Tea & Chive…ugh, this song goes on way too long…

Mountain Man (Whale Song) | Second mis-identification as I thought this lo-fi outfit was Cat, this song is grinding The Random to a fucking halt…letting Shea the Beagle outside and hopefully the whale will have returned to the sea upon my return...

Adrianne Lenker (womb) | TURN IT UP TO ELEVEN!!! Actually, no, it’s another lo-fi, folkie, indie act-this time with some squeaky high pitched vocals thrown in for good measure…I actually really like this record, every tune ends up ear-worming at some point…

Bradley Cooper (Black Eyes) | Oh no, Jackson Maine has drunkenly stumbled back on-stage...

Neil Young (Mellow My Mind) | I enjoy this 1973 concert release that centers around Neil’s ‘Tonight’s the Night’ record more than the Isbell show…glad to actually hear a song as this random likes to select a lot of the stage banter tracks from this record…

Eric Bachmann (Daylight) | Didn’t give this album much attention but his solo acoustic styling is so unique I was still able to correctly identify his stage entry…I still make my finger crooked everytime

Nine Inch Nails (God Break Down The Door) | Some bands you just keep listening to even if you stopped liking their music 15 years ago…

Mountain Man (Moon) | Ok, this needs to be expunged from the random…ridiculous that this tuneless, ramshackle outfit merits a second notation…

Courtney Marie Andrews (Border) | Past Mockumendation Winner!! We should send out something to all past winners, maybe a Mockers Podcast coffee mug…

William Shatner (Run Rudolph Run featuring Elliot Easton) | Yep, Captain Kirk released a holiday record with a guest star on each track ranging from Henry Rollins to Brad Paisley to Iggy Pop…this seems like it should have been a Saturday Night Live skit instead of an actual record…

FINAL WRAP UP: Bradley Cooper rules and everyone else drools (especially Mountain Man)…Happy Thanksgiving from The Mockers Podcast!

November 9th, 2018    

Mocker Sports Report | Episode One Hundred and Fourteen

Welcome to The Mockers Sports Report! The boys check in on early NBA action (2:00) Longtime MLS fan Eric Mocker has fallen in love with the New York Red Bulls and schools Jamie on the subtle nuances of soccer (6:00) Andy has had enough of Jets coach Todd Bowles (11:00) The Mets hire a new general manager whose name is not Sandy Jackson (18:00) The episode ends with a special question from the great Roman Pod & Cast-can they stump Andy? (24:00)

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November 6th, 2018    

Mocker Activity Report | Episode One Hundred and Thirteen

The Mockers return from their hiatus and issue a full report on their recent activities. Find out who has been inducted in the Mocker Hall of Shame. Does Eric know what a saw-horse is? All that and much more in this episode!



September 15th, 2018    

Trailers of the Week and Jamie’s Decision

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Twelve of The Mockers Podcast! Eric provides an update on all the local minor league baseball action in the Hudson Valley (2:00) The Weekly AMC A-List Report (6:00) The popular Trailer of the Week Segment returns with a vengeance as we look at 'Smokey and the Bandit', 'The Sisters Brothers', 'Halloween' and 'A Star is Born' (18:00) Jamie drops a bomb on Eric's afternoon plans (25:00) Week One NFL Picks (41:00)

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September 9th, 2018    

Bruce Springsteen, ‘Born To Run’ vs. Star Trek: TNG ‘Redemption’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Eleven of The Mockers Podcast! AMC's A-List is driving a wedge between Jamie and Eric (2:00) What is the optimal movie theater row? (13:00) Andy has shaving trouble (19:00) The return of the NFL Picks (24:00) It's Klingon Civil War in the week's mockumendations as we look at Star Trek: TNG episode 'Redemption' (30:00) and the classic Bruce Springsteen album, 'Born To Run' (40:00) Who has the best fast food french fries? (48:00)

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August 25th, 2018    

‘Kim’s Convenience’ vs. ‘Iron Fist’ (2017 Comic)

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Ten of The Mockers Podcast! Eric once again calls on Jamie for some home improvements (2:00) A harrowing edition of The Lawncare Minute (6:00) Jamie and Eric continue to make the most of their AMC A-List status (18:00) A surprise movie captures Jamie's heart (24:00) How many MLS teams can Eric identify? (30:00) It's an All-Asian Mockumendation Battle between the 2017 Marvel re-boot of the Iron Fist comic vs. sit-com 'Kim's Convenience' (35:00)

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August 10th, 2018    

‘Wild Wild Country’ vs. ‘The Legend of The Whitetail Deer Hunter’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Nine of The Mockers Podcast! Jamie takes in Billy Joel's 100th concert at Madison Square Garden (2:00) The Mocker Minor League Baseball Tour continues (7:00) Eric has had it with one Loyal Listener's narrow driveway (17:00) Sports Questions of the Week returns with a look at the recent MLB Hall of Fame inductees (23:00) A heated Mockumendation battle features the documentary 'Wild Wild Country' (32:00) vs. Josh Brolin's 'Legend of The Whitetail Deer Hunter' (43:00) Eric survives a week on his own but does his house? (1:02:00)

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July 22nd, 2018    

Rod Stewart, ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ vs. Butch Walker, ‘Letters’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Eight of The Mockers Podcast! Emily Friend receives less than A-List status from AMC (2:00) Al Friend Eater Meal Report (7:00) Andy heads up to the Adirondacks (11:00) World Cup Wrap-Up (15:00) The Challenge returns! (17:00) It's an all music battle in this week's Mockumendations as Rod Stewart's classic 'Every Picture Tells a Story' battles Butch Walker's 'Letters' (20:00) How does Eric connect KISS to Sir Rod? (33:00) Jamie nearly issues a red card for theater foul play during 'The Purge' (37:00)



July 15th, 2018    

Dave Matthews Band, ‘Come Tomorrow’ vs. Grand Funk, ‘We’re An American Band’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Seven of The Mockers Podcast! Jamie returns to explain his disappearance from last week's recording (2:00) Eric goes in for a night of sleep study (4:00) Between minor league baseball games, fireworks and movie excursions Jamie and Eric just couldn't get their weekend activities to coincide (7:00) Ant Man and The Wasp plus some Laurence Fishburne vs. Forest Whitaker confusion (22:00) World Cup Fever! (27:00) It's Guest Mockumendation Madness as podcast friends Emily Friend and Nanc go head to head with Dave Matthews (31:00) vs. Grand Funk (39:00)

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July 7th, 2018    

Dog Walk Review | Radiohead, ‘Pablo Honey’

Hello, Loyal Mockers! I like to listen to music and I like to walk my beagle, Shea. These blog postings will detail our adventures while also reviewing a record. 

ALBUM: Radiohead's debut album, 'Pablo Honey'...I'll be heading to Boston later in the month to see this seminal group live so why not brush up on their back catalogue?

STATS: 12 Songs | 42 minutes | 1.5 mile walk (I know it seems like I should cover more ground in that time but my beagle likes to sniff...everything)

WIKIPEDIA KNOWLEDGE BOMBS: Album peaked at #22 on the British Music Charts...In America, they were called the British Nirvana based on the success of hit single, 'Creep'-it's very weird to think of those two bands as contemporaries...Pitchfork only gave this record a 5.4 out of 10--wait, there wasn't Pitchfork back in 1993!


1) You...Beautiful day in Shopping Cart City as Shea and I head out with jangly guitars and Thom Yorke angsty lyrics setting the tone (yes, even on the very first Radiohead song he sings about drowning and being caught in the fire)

2) Creep...I watched the video to this song a lot as it was a staple in MTV's rotation...I often thought to myself at the time that I should update their Wikipedia page and call them the 'British Nirvana'

3) How Do You?...I kind of forgot about this short song where it seems like they are trying to sound like the Sex Pistols which was not a good idea

4) Stop Whispering...I'll stop whispering and start shouting that this song fucking rules, an underrated gem in their catalogue

5) Thinking About You...Acoustic tune where Thom Yorke mumbles about playing with himself

6) Anyone Can Play Guitar...Except me, as the multiple times I have tried always end up with my fingers hurting and utter failure...another contender for best song on the album

ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS: Our beagle nearly tangled with a kitten who was impressively hidden behind a bush...the drama quickly fizzled as the cat proved to be scaredy

7) Ripcord...Album starts to sag like a parachute with this one

8) Vegetable...Wikipedia fact or fiction? As a child, guitarist Jonny Greenwood's family was known for having the best vegetable garden in their Oxford neighborhood

9) Prove Yourself...You have to wonder what could have been with Radiohead if they decided to just keep playing their guitars thought everyone who ever re-listend to this album while walking a beagle...

10) I Can't...I really can't differentiate the last three to four songs as they all kinda sound the same

11) Lurgee...Wikipedia Fact or Fiction? Q Magazine named this song as one of the twenty most essential lesser known Radiohead songs...

12) Blow Out...I like how the last minute of this song is the most dissonant the guitars get, it is definitely the weirdest they sound on this straight-forward rock'n'roll record and it foreshadows what is to come! They opened their tour last night in Chicago and played this for the first time in years (only song they played from this album if you are curious)

FINAL VERDICT: A few standouts but doubt anyone could have predicted that Radiohead would be selling out arenas 25 years after this album was released...Thanks for reading and please leave any feedback you might have to @mockerspodcast



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