Mocker Musings With Alex Boondoggle

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Four of The Mockers Podcast! With our good friend Jamie vacationing in Florida we welcome Alex from the late, great Boondoggle Podcast to fill in. We reminisce about his extended wait to enter last year's Rhode Island Comic-Con (2:00) What two Marvel super heroes would Alex like to see in a story line together (5:00) Eric has an intriguing idea for a new hybrid reality program (10:00) Which member of Jamie's family would step in to caddy for Tiger Woods? (12:00) We drag Alex back to Reality Avenue and check in on the new season of '60 Days In' (14:00) What the hell does Alex actually watch on TV? (32:00) Who has been crushing some ELO recently? (36:00) Eric never wastes an opportunity to rip on Syracuse legend Jim Boeheim (41:00)

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